Power & Electricity Department Tariff order for 2020-2021

    Khai le, kum 2020 April aṭangin Electric Bill chu a lo sang leh ta a. Consumer nawlpuiin kan hman domectic light chhit man kan sawi hmasa hrih ang.

    Electric hman man hi chhawng thumin ṭhen a ni a, chhawng khatna hi Unit 0-100, chhawng hnihna 101-200, chhawng thumna 201aṭanga chunglam zawngte a ṭhen a ni.

    Kum 2019-2020 aia 2020-2021 punna hi apumpuiah 26% leh Domestic light bïkah 7% vel a ni.
   Consumer-te'n Electricity Bill chawh dan kan lo hriat a, a dik lo a lo awm palh pawh a, a dik lo lai kan lo hriat ve mai theih nan, a tlangpui (Domestic) Bill chawh dan chauh tar lang hrih phawt ang aw.
   (H.Laldikliana, Asst. General Secretary, Mizoram Consumers' Union Hqrs. Mizoram State, Aizawl 9436196269)

Hriat hamsak ṭulte: 

 Tariff: wef: 1.4.2020:
a) Fixed charge: ₹50.00
per month kw of contracted load
b) Energy charge per month:
1) 0-100 Units=100 Units
 ₹ 3.30
₹ 4.80
3) Balance above 200 units= ₹ 5.30
4) Energy Meter rent:
a) Single phase ₹20.00
b) 3phase ₹35.00
  Meter hi mahni'n kan inlei a nih chuan, rent chawi a awm lo tih kan hriat kha.
Chawk chhin ang aw:

.     ENTIRNA 1-NA
@Contracted load 350w a nihin)
Unit 17 lo hmang ta la
17× 3.30=          ₹56.10
fixed charge      ₹17.50
Meter Rent        ₹20.00
Amount:        ₹93.60

@Contracted load 750w
Units 94 lo hmang ta i la
Units 94×3.30
                     = ₹ 310.20
Fixed charge ₹ 37.50
Meter rent      ₹20.00
Amount:  ₹ 367.70

      ENTIRNA 3-NA
@Contracted load 1.2kw
Unit 104 lo hmang ta la
100×3.30  =   ₹330.00
4×4.80       =  ₹19.20
fixed charge  ₹ 60.00
Meter rent     ₹ 20/-
Amount:     ₹ 429.20

@Contracted load 2.5kw
Unit 185 lo hmang ta la
100×3.30 =  ₹ 330.00
85 × 4.80   = ₹400.00
fixed charge ₹125.00
Meter Rent   ₹   20.00
Amount:      ₹875.50

@3kw Contracted load
Units 210 lo hmang ta la:
100× 3.30 = ₹ 330.00
100× 4.80 = ₹ 480.00
10×5.30     =₹   53.00
fixed charge₹ 150.00
Meter Rent  ₹    20.00
Amount:  ₹ 1033.00

  Units 280 lo hmang ta la:
100× 3.30 = ₹ 330.00
100× 4.80 = ₹ 480.00
80 × 5.30   =₹ 424.00
fixed charge₹ 175.00
Meter Rent   ₹  20.00
Amount:   ₹1429.00

Units 680 hmang ta la:
100 × 3.30 =₹330.00
100 × 4.60 =₹480.00
480 × 5.30 =₹2544.00
fixed charge ₹ 200.00
Meter Rent  ₹    20.00
Amount: ₹  3574.00

Units 1201 hmang ta la:
100× 3.30 = ₹   330.00
100× 4.80=  ₹   480.00
1001×5.30= ₹5305.30
fixed charge  ₹ 250.00
Meter Rent
for 3phase    ₹    35.00
Amount    ₹6400.30

Units 2400 hmang ta la:
100× 3.30=     ₹330.00
100 × 4.60=   ₹480.00 2200×5.30 ₹11660.00
fixed charge= ₹250.00
Meter Rent
for 3hase          ₹ 35.00
Amount:₹ 12755.00

.     ENTIRNA 10-NA
Unit 4500 hmang ta la:
100× 3.30=           ₹330
100× 4.80=           ₹480
4300×5.30=    ₹22,790
fixed charge   ₹350.00
Meter Rent
for 3phase        ₹35.00

     April ni 1.2020 aṭanga electric bill sang hi tuna Power Department-billing system ang hi chuan April thla chhunga i hman man kha June 2020 ah chiah pêk tur a ni.
    Mahni bill tur emaw kan chawh chhuah dawnah kan byheart tur ni ta chu, unit 1 aṭanga 100 inkar kha unit khat zel ₹ 3.30, unit 101 leh unit 200 inkâr unit khat zêl ₹4.80 leh unit 201 aṭanga a chung lam zawng zawg chu unit khat zêl ₹ 5.30 tih hi Pawisa nawi laklawh awm thûah, pawisa 50 chin chung lam chu ₹ 1.00 ah lâk pum mai tur a ni a, paise 50 hnuai lam chu paih mai tur a ni. fraction of 50 paise and above to be round up to the next higher rupee and fraction less than 50 paise has to be ignored)
      Fixed charge bill nan hian kan contracted load a nihna ang anga bill tur a ni. (for the purpose of fixed/demand charge in the monthly billing  the contracted load/billing demand shall be taken on actual basis)

      Engtin nge Thla thar a bill lo kal zât tur i hriat theih ang?

      Thla thar/thla leh lo awm tura i ectric bill pêk zát tur hriat i duh pawhin, i electric bill body tlâng dinglam/vei lam sir ah khán present reading leh reading lâk ni leh thla ziah lan zêlna tur a awma, chumiah chuan Meter reader lo kal khan pen-in emaw a chhinchhiah kalh zel tur ani, chu mi reading aṭang chuan, i bill dawn mêk present reading inziak kha, (previous ah i hmang tawh ang) paih la, a lo chhuak chu, electric tariff i lo kawl ṭhat ve khiau khân a rate diktak hmang khan han chawk ve la, thla leh bill lo kal huna i chawi tur zât chu i lo hre lâwk tawh anga, chumi atan a i sen tur zât chiah kha i pawisa i lo dahṭha khiau thei tawh mai a nih chu.

  Tin, Electric bill hi online in awlsam taka pêk theih a ni a, a hnuai a link ah hian, i tapchhak zâwl aṭang khan awlsam takin i pe mai thei bawk. Online a bill pêk hian hun leh tha a save em em a, Online Payment Mahni veng theuh ah a theih anga inzirtir zel bawk ni se.
      Online-a bill pe duh tan bharatbillpay.com ah emaw mobile apps hrang hrang BHIM, gpay, phonepe, paytm, etc atangin bill a pèk theih a ni.

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  1. unit 6 ka lo chhiar a, kohhran bill bik, kan chawi tam ang reng ve sia ka hrethiam chiah lo a. energy charge 28\ fixed charges 120 fixed charge hi ka hrethiam lo tlat, engtin nge 120 hi a chhut chhuah\ other charged 20 Gross total 169.. hei hi kan chawi zat a ni a 169 hi. chuan unit 32 kan chhiar ve thunga kohhran aiin kan chawi tlem leh daih sia hei hi a kṭa hrethiam lo tlat maia .

  2. Bengvarthlak hle mai, fix charge chhût dan hi ka hrethiam chiah lo! Contracted load hi 1.75kw ni ta se fix charge eng zat nge niang?

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