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SBI Online banking siamte leh neite tana hriat tur thil pawimawh tak chu - Login password leh Profile password hriat pawlh loh hi a ni a, hackers tan pawha risk fuh har tur password inang lo hman hram hram a tha.

Profile password i theihnghilh palh hlauh chuan heti hian ti ang che:-

Method 1: Hint Questions leh Answer hmangin
1. -ah i lut ang a, username leh Password i chhu lut ang a, i login ang.

2. My account and profile option -ah i lut ang a; profile tih lo langah i lut ang.

3. Change password option -ah i lut leh ang.

4. Forgot Profile password i click leh ang.

5. Hint Question leh Hint Answer option a lo awm leh ang a; account i siam laia security/hint questions & Answers tur i chhut luh kha i select ang a, i chhu lut ang. Submit i click ang.

6. I profile password thar tur i chhu lut leh ang; a ngai bawk kha i confirm nan i chhu lut leh ang.

7. Hint Questions leh Hint Answer tur i select ang a, i chhu lut leh ang.

8. Submit i click ang a; tichuan, i account-ah i lut tha leh ang a, profile password thar i chhut luh chu chhu lut lehin i profile-ah i lut hem hem tawh mai dawn a ni.

Method 2: Hint Questions leh Answer theihnghilhte tan

1. Forgot Profile password tih option hnuaia click here tih khi i click ang. (Video leh picture ang hian)

2. Submit i click ang. Tichuan, Branch code, branch name fill up tur a lo awm ang a, i fill up ang.

Branch name i hriat loh chuan branch locator khi i click mai dawn nia.

3. I submit leh ang a, click here to download form tih option kha i click ang a, pdf or word file-in i download ang.

4. I form download chu i print out ang a, SBI Bank-ah i submit ang. Bank lamin profile password an lo pe dawn che a ni.

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  1. Net banking hi online a apply dan a awm em? A awm chuan min hrilh thei ang em? Tin kan nu in a net banking username leh password a theihnghilh a, a thar a dil leh vek a ngai tih na em ni ang